【Cancellation of Competition】FIS YOUTH JAPAN CUP 2024
  • Dear International Teams and Friends

    We are sorry to announce the cancellation of the GOLDWIN FIS YOUTH JAPAN CUP 2024, scheduled for March 8 (Fri) – 10 (Sun) due to the lack of snow.

    While there has been so little snowfall throughout Japan this season, Naeba Ski Resort has experienced unprecedented temperature rises since last week and heavy rainfall this week and not able to have the competition on the slope.

    We considered alternative courses, but due to the lack of snow in all mountain, we had to decide to cancel the competition.

    We wanted to see your performance and we were very much looking forward to it, and it was such a difficult decision we had to make.

    For the first time in our 25-years of history, we had to cancel due to lack of snow.
    Again, we are so sorry to tell you this information.
    Thank you for your understanding, and we are looking forward to seeing you all in Japan in 2025.

    For more information, please contact our race office.

    Thank you

    Best regards

    NPO NASTAR Race Association
    President Gota MIURA

  • Goldwin
  • Calbee
  • 共栄火災
  • MNインターファッション株式会社
  • 東レ インターナショナル
  • 第一生命保険株式会社
  • みずほ銀行
  • YKK
  • ワタナベエキスプレスコーポレーション
  • 株式会社STJレンテック
  • 環商事
  • 札幌トヨタ
  • 三協興産株式会社
  • セイコー
  • ソメスサドル
  • 高瀬工業
  • 谷村工業株式会社
  • ダイワ工業株式会社
  • 但野三興
  • つぼ八
  • 日本航空株式会社
  • 日本スケートボーディング連盟
  • 医療法人東札幌病院
  • 美唄ライオンズクラブ
  • ピパの湯 ゆ〜りん館
  • ブレイン
  • ミウラドルフィンズ
  • 森タイヤー商会
  • 株式会社ルピシア
  • アプリエイド
  • 大高酵素
  • ガリウム
  • クリフプロスキースクール
  • プリンスホテル苗場
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